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First Class Magazine is not only one of Sweden’s most exclusive life style magazines, it is also a personal guide to the best destinations, the best wristwatch brands, the most exclusive jewellery, the most expensive cars and the largest floating vessels.

The attentive editorial staff will pick out the best that life has to offer and is constantly looking for ways to brighten your existence. First Class Magazine offers that little extra – served in a beautiful and exclusive package.

Our readers are well aware of the latest trends and possess a purchasing power which enables them to set a gilt-edge to their lives.
First Class Magazine is distributed in the three major cities, to residents with an income of at least 3 million Swedish kronor. First Class Magazine is also distributed to major partners, i.e. hotels, spa- and wellness institutes as well as carefully selected shops and restaurants.

The magazine is printed and distributed in 15 000 copies per edition.  Estimated range is 60 000 readers.


77 % are between 35 and 54 years old.
43 % are women and 57 % are men.
72 % are living in Stockholm, Gothenburg 14 % and 8 % in Malmoe.
43 % are self-employed
51 % hold a manager’s position within the private or public sector.
89 % reads the whole or the major parts of each issue of the magazine.
67 % reads First Class Magazine on more than two occasions.
91 % plan to save First Class Magazine for more than 3 months.
93 % finds that First Class Magazine as a good or very good source of inspiration.
On an average the readers of First Class Magazine own 1,3 homes per household.
On an average the readers of First Class Magazine own 1,9 cars per household.
73 % make 3 or more weekend journeys per year.
61 % make more than 2 long journeys per year.
89 % choose to travel by on scheduled flights and privatley selected hotels.
87 % spend more than SEK 100 000 on holiday travelling per household and year.

(The survey was conducted from September until December 2012)


Stefan Didora
Senior Account Manager, Sweden
Telefon: 0733 45 38 45

Mark Dixon
Sales Director DG Media
Telefon: +45 5076 1768

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